This Summer Holiday 24 Places You Must See- 2021



Rhodes is the largest and most popular of the Dodecanese islands and impresses with its romantic medieval old town, glittering seaside resorts and 300 days of sunshine. It is very touristy in the city, but do not worry that you can find remote places on and around the island. On the contrary, it is worth taking a car and making unconventional detours, beaches and pretty coastal villages. Sunbathers may expire, the island has a wide range of unique beaches. The best beaches include Tsambika, Ladiko and Kallithea. And on the south coast, Prassonisi is ideal for kitesurfing, if you are looking for something like that.

The best for: Rhodes is an ideal choice for just about everyone: lovers of culture, beach lovers, etc.

Do not miss: the citadel of Rhodes is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Not to be missed: the family restaurant Mavrikos, founded in 1933, is one of the oldest in the region. It has become an institution over the years and you will eat and modernize traditional dishes.

Accommodation: The Marco Polo Mansion is a boutique B & B located in the historic center of Rhodes. He has a bohemian mood and effortlessly cool, enough said!

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