This Summer Holiday 24 Places You Must See- 2021



In search of a destination with a culture of celebration, accumulation of stars and new fashionable things, Mykonos meets all three criteria. It was one of the first Greek islands to be considered a holiday destination and is popular since the 1960s. There are more than 25 beaches in Mykonos, all but a handful are well organized with sun loungers, parasols, sports nautical, beach bars, restaurants and markets. The golden sand and shallow, shallow waters are perfect for everyone.

Ideal for: trendy travelers.

Do not miss: the iconic 16th century windmills characterize the landscape of the city of Mykonos. Until recently, they were used to provide wheat and bread to the inhabitants. Today, they are a symbol of the beauty of the island.

Do not miss: Buddha Bar Beach offers a delicious selection of Pacific Rim. Ceviche, sushi, dumplings, pasta and more – get ready for a feast.

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