This Summer Holiday 24 Places You Must See- 2021



For Italians and foreigners, the beauty of Capri and its refined hedonism are a popular destination. The island is a spotted fusion of caves, caves, Roman ruins, vegetable gardens overgrown with vegetation and rich fauna. If you’ve seen its many attractions, including the Blue Grotto, the August Gardens and the Marina Grande harbor, to name a few, you can also explore the other treasures of the other islands in the bay. Naples. Day trips to Pompeii, Ischia (Green Island) and the Amalfi Coast are highly recommended.

Ideal for: gourmets and romantics.

To see: The Grotta Azzura (the Blue Grotto) must be the most famous place of Capri. It is a marine cave with a light that shines through an underwater cave, creating a fabulous kaleidoscope of blue and azure colors in the cave, allowing for a very atmospheric boat ride.

Must eat:

Accommodation options: Casa Mari on the Sorrento Coast offers a direct view of Capri and is a short boat ride away. You will be able to admire Capri from your swimming pool. The best of both worlds!

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