This Summer Holiday 24 Places You Must See- 2021


You want a well deserved vacation, but you do not know where to go this summer? Do not worry, we have you covered! Whether you are an adventurer or a beach lover, we have rounded up our 24 most popular sun destinations with classics like Algarve or Marbella and more daring destinations around the world – shorter-haul than long-haul. If you prefer a villa on the beach or a resort, look for your honeymoon destination or a trip with the girls; Here you will find the ideal holiday destination that suits your holiday style!


Corfu is one of the largest and greenest of the Ionian Islands and is not limited to the sparkling waters of cobalt and the tawny coast. With its fascinating rural landscape, UNESCO World Heritage status and historic ceilings, every summer welcomes travelers away from tourist honeypots. Wrap scattered ruins, delicious specialties and sleepy villages, and you’re about to leave for a chilly summer vacation.

Ideal for: travelers off the beaten track.

Do not miss the beautiful beaches of Corfu and visit the Pantokrator. The highest mountain in Corfu overlooking the north-east of the islands and rising to 906 m is a must.

Must eat: The Corfiot diet consists mainly of seafood. Then head to the Maistro restaurant for a fascinating seaside location and menu. If it were me, I would choose the white wine mussels with Garlic and feta cheese friable because cheese is life.

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