This Summer Holiday 24 Places You Must See- 2021



The beautiful island of Sicily is described as an incredible open-air museum of archaeological sites, with medieval villages and a variety of good restaurants. Etna rises above a shoreline of sparkling coves, sandy beaches and islands off the coast, where the water is crystal clear, while the island’s interior is full of high mountains , lush vineyards and fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ideal for: vulture culture.

To see: Cefalu is one of the highlights of summer in Sicily. The city is full of windy narrow streets with an abundance of restaurants and shops overlooking the beach. We will see you there.

Do not miss: At the Locanda del Colonnello restaurant, you expect a rather modest cuisine with an intense flavor. Their ever-changing menu reflects the chef’s commitment to using only the freshest local produce. His Ibleo pork with smoked potatoes and broccoli looks like a spoonful of dreams.

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